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Cold Air Intake Systems

Intakes are one of the most popular aftermarket performance accessories for cars, trucks, and SUV's. A cold air intake (CAI) will increase horsepower and gas mileage by improving air flow. Truck Accessory Site offers a nice selection of intakes at everyday low prices. We currently have Volant, K&N, S&B, aFe, Injen Technology, AEM, DJ Motorsports, Quadzilla Diesel Performance, and Airaid intakes in stock and ready to ship.
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Feel free to browse our online catalog of cold air intakes below.
Volant logo
Volant cold air intake system
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K&N logo
K&N intakes
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Volant cold air intake system K&N intakes
Truck Accessory Site is a authorized dealer of Volant performance products. We ship Volant cold air intake systems from our warehouses daily. Check out our great deals and free shipping special on Volant cold air intake systems. K&N has been a trusted source for aftermarket intakes for years now. Known for there auto air filters, K&N also makes some nice intake options. Choose from the 63 series air charger, FIPK, 69 series typhoon, and the 77 series metal intake.
AEM logo
AEM brute force intake
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Airaid logo
Airaid intake
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AEM intakes Airaid intakes
AEM offers top quality intake systems. Choose from the brute force, short ram intake, and cold air intake systems at We are a authorized dealer of AEM products so we can get you the best deal. The Airaid’s mandrel-formed inlet tubing is powder coated, inside and out, for greater flow, protection against harsh elements and great looks. The reusable Premium Direct-Fit Filter gives your engine the cleanest air possible and is guaranteed for life.
True Flow logo

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DJ Motorsports logo

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True Flow XDI Air Intake DJ Motorsports Air Intake System
True Flow first turned the industry upside-down with the foam-cell air filter—now they’ve turned it inside-out. The True Flow XDI (Xtreme Duty Intake) is the hottest intake system available, on or off the road.True Flow’s revolutionary design filters from the inside out. Fresh air draws into the system’s hollow core and gets forced out through the filter. This creates maximum airflow, a beefy intake tone and the largest filtration surface possible.The XDI scraps that restrictive factory air box for powder-coated aluminum tubing and nylon-reinforced silicone couplers. You get custom under-the-hood looks while your engine gets all the power-producing air it can handle. The kit also includes True Flow’s famous reusable foam-cell air filter.The XDI not only bolsters performance by boosting horsepower and torque, it delivers all-out engine protection and increased fuel efficiency. And best of all, your True Flow XDI Air Intake is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Feel the flow that bumps-up your driving power. The DJ Motorsports Air Intake System has your engine performance covered, with a straightened, smooth airflow that kicks an extra 10-15hp, boosted pulling torque and a 2-3mpg fuel economy gain into your vehicle. It’s built from top-grade materials designed to last the life of your vehicle. The DJ Motorsports Air Intake System features a polypropylene composite intake pipe, 304 stainless steel clamps, latches and fasteners for corrosion resistance, plus a high-flow performance air filter that’s reusable for more than 1 million miles. Best yet, installing the DJ Motorsports Air Intake System takes less than half an hour using common hand tools. It’s easy bolt-on power, torque and fuel economy for your ride! Plus, your DJ Motorsports Air Intake System carries a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on the intake; your performance air filter carries a Lifetime Warranty.
Injen Technology intakes
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S&B logo
S&B air intake systems
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Injen Technology Air Intakes S&B Air Intake Systems
It sort of defeats the purpose of gaining a few extra horsepower from a cold air intake if that intake weighs so much it offsets the power gains. That’s why every Injen intake is built from ultra lightweight aluminum tubing. The Injen intake couples state-of-the-art computer design techniques with the best materials available to create a powerhouse cold air delivery system that barely adds anything to your vehicle’s curb weight. It all starts with the high-flow filter on your Injen intake. The filter ensures that only clean, cold air is delivered to the engine via your Injen intake, and that as much air as can be injested by the Injen intake can be delivered by the filter—that’s an important thing to consider. Some high flow intakes can flow more air than their filters can deliver, which simply wastes intake tube volume. The Injen intake then routes that cold air to the throttle body through silicone couplings and the aforementioned aluminum ductwork to ensure a lightweight, leak-free path. Where applicable, provisions are made for mass airflow sensors, and some Injen intake products have removable tube sections to protect your engine in wet weather conditions. So what you end up with by installing an Injen intake is more power and less weight, and that basic recipe has been winning drag races and road races alike since the beginning of motorsports. Put S&B’s 30 years of filtration, cool air and power experience to work under your hood! S&B Cold Air Intakes bring your engine to life through the strength of superior design. Factory parts can’t come close to the unreal airflow provided by an S&B Cold Air Intake—the secret to unlocking extra horsepower. Among the many premium design features of an S&B Cold Air Intake is their custom air box. S&B’s exclusive design keeps warm engine air out, shelters your filter and has a clear top—the industries first—to ease filter inspection. Your S&B Cold Air Intake is complete with a premium S&B Air Filter for maximum airflow and engine protection. S&B filters are constructed of top-shelf cotton gauze in either 4 or 8 calibrated layers, providing optimal flow and filtration to your motor. Grab your tools with complete confidence—S&B Cold Air Intakes fit as well as they perform. And, your S&B Cold Air Intake boasts a 1,000,000-mile warranty.
Quadzilla logo
Quadzilla monster air intake
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AFE logo

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Quadzilla Monster Air Intake AFE Cold Air Intake Systems
The furious furnace that lurks under your hood needs two things to survive: fuel and oxygen. Unfortunately, auto manufacturers choke off the flow of air to keep engines in check. Unleash the beast inside your rig with a Quadzilla Monster Air Intake Kit. It’s custom built to funnel a tornado’s blast of air into your motor for up to 35 extra horsepower, 65 ft lbs of tire-turning torque, and immediate fuel savings. There’s no black magic behind the massive performance gains from your Monster Air Intake Kit. Its secret weapon is the Green Air Filter that comes with your Monster Air Intake. Crafted from 2 layers of woven cotton, this lime-hued filter delivers greater airflow and superior filtration than traditional cotton gauze filters. Quadzilla builds your Monster Air Intake Kit tough from pure steel with a durable wrinkle-black powder coating. And, the mandrel-bent piping strips away power-robbing restrictions. Installation’s a snap, and you get a Lifetime Warranty. Stop your stock intake from holding back your performance. The AFE Cold Air Intake System comes in several different stage options for varying levels of seat-of-your-pants horsepower gains. Depending on your specific vehicle and your needs, the AFE Cold Air Intake System replaces your stock air box, filter and tube with a custom-tuned components. All kits come with the renowned AFE high-flow filter and a powder-coated steel heat shield to keep warm air out of your manifold.And, it only gets better from there. Many AFE Air Intakes go further, replacing your stock intake tract, too. This allows for the largest, most efficient intake possible, along with monster gains of up to 50 horsepower! What’s more, AFE Air Intakes are perfect for working with future performance upgrades. Each AFE Cold Air Intake System includes a AFE long-life reusable filter and are ready for easy bolt-on installation in about half an hour. Plus, your AFE Cold Air Intake Kit is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

About intakes

Do you love your ride? Of course you do, so feed your motor what it wants! Forcing your engine to ingest its combustion air from under the hood, through a restrictive air box and stock paper air filter, is giving away free horsepower. A cold air intake, or cool air intake, will restore that lost power! Now that is how you take care of your ride.

Cold air intakes route intake plumbing away from hot under hood areas, and deliver air through a free-flowing air filter and smooth intake passages. The result? Cooler, denser air is delivered in greater quantities at higher velocities to your throttle body. Denser air, and more of it, equals power. How much power you get depends on the type of vehicle.

Some imports with crowded engine bays, such as Honda intakes, Toyota intakes, and Mazda intakes, can benefit significantly by adding a cold air intake. And there's no downside to cold air intakes. If you're interested in adding horsepower and torque to your car, truck, van, or SUV, adding a cold air intake should be your first step.

We offer trusted name brands such as AEM and K&N. Truck Accessory Site is your source for more performance. We encourage you to surf all of our products and call us toll free with any questions. We want to earn your business.

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