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KC Hilites Offroad Lighting & Lighting Accessories

KC Hilites offroad lighting and lighting accessories are one of the best sellers at Rest assured when you buy KC Hilites lighting products from you are buying from an authorized dealer. What this means for you is the fastest possible shipping, best manufacturer warranty, complied with the best price you'll find online. Currently at we are running a FREE SHIPPING on all KC Hilites offroad lighting and lighting accessories. TruckAccessorySite thanks you for the chance to earn your business.
KC Hilites authorized dealer
When you buy KC Hilites from you are buying from an authorized dealer!
Shop below for the best deal on KC Hilites. Offroad lights and lighting accessories whether you're a nighttime traveler or a hardcore Baja off-roader. Be sure to also check out the PIAA lighting at Truck Accessory Site as well. Truck Accessory Site is your source for lighting and lighting accessories and we appreciate your support.

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KC HiLites 26 Series Lights System KC HiLites 26 Series Single Light
KC HiLites 26 Series Lights System. Pick a season—any season—and KC HiLites' 26 Series Lights have safety and illumination handled. They pack much punch in their compact 2" x 6" size, besting the elements with the simple flip of an in-cab KC switch. Want to avoid accidents and be sure other drivers see you when the weather turns nasty? Pick the KC 26 Series Backup/Flood Lights Kit. Need the versatility of a longer-range driving light during the summer months and a wider fog light when the leaves turn? Go with KC's All-Season 26 Series Lights Kits, featuring interchangeable lenses for total convenience. No matter the season or the need, the 26 Series Lights System performs like a champion. KC packages your 26 Series Lights System with a complete wiring harness and accompanying relay. Illustrated installation instructions make mounting your kit a cinch. And, KC backs your 26 Series Lights Kit with their outstanding 23-year warranty.. KC HiLites 26 Series Single Light. Equip your vehicle with the most prepared auxiliary lights available: KC's 26 Series Lights. Whether armed for the longest range, for blasting a wide beam or for grabbing attention at a critical time, 26 Series Lights are ones to count on. Add 26 Series Lights with the long-range beam pattern to your ride for incredible off-road visibility. Turn to the 26 Series flood pattern for an incredible spread of light, or for having reverse lights that can't be missed. Or, if the situation requires, select colored KC 26 Series Lights that alert others in an emergency. Whatever your need, KC makes the 26 Series light that's right. Composite plastic housings protect your 26 Series Lights against most any enemy. Virtually unbreakable Lexan lenses assure a lifetime of clean and powerful beams. And, your KC HiLites 26 Series Light is covered by KC's famous 23-year warranty.
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KC HiLites KC Soft Light Covers

KC HiLites KC Clear Light Shields

KC Soft Light Covers - Round. It's one of the most famous sights on tricked-out trucks and roughneck SUVs across the country: a big and bold KC logo topping world-class performance lighting. Now you can have that same look and understood authority with a set of KC's Soft Round Light Covers. Stitched together with sturdy vinyl, these bold KC Light Covers come in 5", 6" and 8" round designs that fit a number of KC's light series. Or, slip them over a lesser brand of lights. Nobody will know the difference.until you flip them on. KC Soft Round Light Covers come in pairs-perfect for covering both lights in a KC System. And, KC protects your light covers with the same outstanding 23-year warranty that guards all of their performance lighting equipment. KC Clear Light Shields. Your KC lights face a clear and present danger every day: the rocks, stones, bugs and sticks that can gnarl unguarded lamps. So, when you're after protection for your lights, go with the clear choice: KC's Clear Light Shields. KC Clear Light Shields are formed from durable acrylic material. Because they're clear, KC Clear Light Shields are always on duty and never cut down on the beam power of your KC lights. They even pop onto the front of 6" KC Daylighter and SlimLite Series lamps in seconds. Each KC Clear Light Shield is embossed with the famous KC logo in the center. Sold in pairs, these KC Clear Light Shields are perfect for protecting your two-light system or a full bank of floods on a light bar. Plus, your KC Clear Light Shields come with the same 23-year warranty that covers all of KC's gear. When you want protection that doesn't hamper performance, the choice is clear.
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KC HiLites HID Off-Road Lights System KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Single Light
KC HiLites HID Off-Road Lights System. When the terrain ahead is wild and unpredictable, don't just shed a little light on it-shine the most light possible! KC HiLites' HID Off-Road Lights System is like a personal intense sun you control the switch for-flip `em on, and all is in sight. KC HID Driving Lights produce 4 times more intense light than run-of-the-mill off-road lights. The whiter, more efficient light hails from a technology KC adapted from the light towers of hallowed ballparks and football pantheons across America. KC surrounds each light with rugged solid state components, safeguarding your system for decades of use. KC HID Driving Lights Systems feature a pre-terminated wiring harness with weatherproof plugs and industrial-grade ballasts, which makes installation easy. A flip of the lighted in-cab switch turns the powerful beams on. KC even tops the system with their distinct light covers and protects your HID Fog Lights System with their solid 23-year warranty. KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Single Light. Put a smile on your rig's face, and give it long-range visibility power with the same light. The KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Light leads the auxiliary lighting world with supreme construction, longevity and performance. You've seen KC Daylighter Off-Road Lights before—they're the lights that extend playtime for weekend warriors and serious Baja racers alike. They're also the lights trusted by more KC customers than any other lamp KC makes. And, KC Daylighters are the lamps that even smile back, thanks to their unmistakable covers. These single KC Daylighters are ideal for adding more weather-blasting power to your front end, or for creating your own custom KC HiLites system. Each comes with KC's patented shock mount, plus one of those famous covers. Equally famous is how KC stands behind your Daylighter Off-Road Light: a 23-year complete warranty.

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KC HiLites SlimLite Series Single Light KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Single Light
KC HiLites SlimLite Series Single Light. Slim enough to mount virtually anywhere, and powerful enough to be trusted with your lighting needs. Meet the KC SlimLite Series: the ideal combination of low-profile and high-powered packed into a 6" sturdy steel housing. KC starts each SlimLite with their durable housing, then adds focused reflectors and optical-quality glass for a precise beam that wastes no light. Powering the SlimLite beam is an efficient halogen bulb; topping each SlimLite is a rich black, titanium or chrome finish. Grab a couple of KC SlimLites to make your own forceful lighting setup. Or, select just one SlimLite to replace a lighting soldier lost in off-road battle. Whatever your use, KC includes a matching ABS stone guard and their complete 23-year warranty with your SlimLite Series Light. KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Single Light. Welcome to the future of performance lighting: the KC Rally 800 Series Lights. These 8" diameter wonders feature big halogen light power in a slim, low-profile design that mounts in a wide variety of places and ways. Pick from two outstanding Rally 800 Light beam patterns: driving with a long pattern, or long-range/off-road with the lengthiest beam KC makes. Both boast incredible range and candlepower, providing supreme safety and visibility on the pavement or in the slop. Grab this single KC Rally 800 Series Light to fill-out a KC lighting system, replace a wrecked light, or build your own custom setup. Each lamp includes a durable ABS stone guard and your choice of polished or black powder-coated finishes. And, KC backs your Rally 800 Series Light with their full 23-year warranty.
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KC HiLites SlimLite Series Lights System

KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights System

KC HiLites SlimLite Series Lights System. KC's lowest-profile lights make adding auxiliary illumination power to any ride a cinch. KC SlimLites, available in fog, driving and off-road beam patterns, are slim enough to fit any mounting position and look like a factory original set. Still, SlimLites pack the 6" diameter power to beat the elements. Small and powerful: a perfect combo. KC starts each SlimLites set with sturdy steel housings. Specialized polished reflectors and optical-quality lenses make a powerful, clear and focused beam in the perfect pattern for your use. Two-axis mounts make aiming SlimLites simple. Grab your choice of fog, driving or off-road in one of three trick finishes: bright chrome, high-tech titanium and thick black powder coat. Each is armed with a powerful halogen bulb. KC also includes a pre-terminated wiring harness and lighted switch in the kit to make your install easy. Plus, your KC SlimLite Series Lights are covered by a 23-year warranty. KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights System. KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights have been leading the way for more than three decades. It's hard to miss a set of Daylighters on the pavement or out in the mud—the distinct performance, innovative shock mounts and famous light covers are a dead giveaway. Now, it's time to experience what KC Daylighters can do for your off-road adventures. The KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights System is the ideal way to put a couple of KC smiles on your ride's face. The power of halogen light and KC's long-range beam create supreme visibility. The patented shock mounts with ½" posts install most anywhere. A pre-terminated pro harness assembly and detailed, illustrated instructions come with the in-cab control switch for simple installation. Of course, two KC Daylighter light covers are included with the complete system. Plus, KC backs your Daylighter Off-Road Light System with their stellar 23-year warranty.
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KC HiLites KC Soft Light Covers – Rectangular KC HiLites KC Stone Guard, KC HiLites
KC Soft Light Covers - Rectangular. KC equals more than 35 years of lighting excellence. KC Light Covers equal the best way to protect your lamps and boldly show the KC logo. So, what's the best way to tell the world that your rig means business and has the light power to prove it? You guessed it: with a set of KC Light Covers. These KC Light Covers feature custom-tailored protective vinyl in 5" x 7" and 6" x 9" sizes in one of 2 designs. They fit KC 57 Series, 69 Series and HID lights just right; or, use these KC Light Covers to add a world-famous reputation to another make of the same size. We won't tell. KC Soft Vinyl Rectangular Light Covers are sold in pairs for protecting both lamps in your KC System. And, your KC Soft Light Covers are protected by the same 23-year warranty KC gives each of their lights, systems, light bars and more. KC Stone Guard. Linemen don't take to the gridiron without a facemask, and neither should your KC lights. When it's your ride's turn to play in the slop, make sure your KCs are covered by their own facemask: KC Stone Guards. KC Stone Guards form a rough grid of protection over your lights, stopping the rocks that would otherwise bust their faces. Molded ABS construction comprises this long-lasting protection network—a material that won't rust or otherwise corrode. KC makes their Stone Guards in 6" and 8" round sizes to fit their SlimLite, Daylighter and Rally 800 light series. KC Stone Guards are sold individually, making it easy to order the exact quantity to cover your KC light setup right. Plus, KC covers your Stone Guards with the same 23-year warranty that protects all of their pro-level equipment. When you think about it, there's no better facemask for your trusty KC lights. KC Stone Guard.

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KC HiLites HID Fog Lights System KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Lights System
KC HiLites HID Fog Lights System. Get an edge on crippling fog with the efficient lighting power of KC HiLites' HID Fog Lights. Using KC's proven HID technology, this 6" round HID Fog Lights System blasts an intense and wide beam to reveal the terrain ahead in treacherous conditions. Drawing on technology originally developed to keep sporting grounds out of the grip of blanketing fog, KC HID Lights produce 4 times more intense illumination than common auxiliary lights. Whiter, more efficient light is the result. And, they're surrounded by KC's rugged solid state components that withstand all elements—even the soupiest blankets of wet ground fog. KC HID Fog Lights Systems feature a pre-terminated wiring harness with weatherproof plugs and industrial-grade ballasts, which makes installation easy. Control comes from a lighted in-cab switch. Also thrown in the package are KC's unmistakable HID light covers. And, KC protects your HID Fog Lights System with a solid 23-year warranty. KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Lights System. Take on any environment with the latest in auxiliary lighting technology from KC HiLites: the Rally 800 Series. KC Rally 800 Series Lights give you versatility, power and performance with the flip of a switch. Each KC Rally 800 Series Light features a darkness-defeating 8" diameter stainless steel housing. Power that housing with a 130w halogen bulb, top it with a virtually unbreakable Lexan lens, and put it all in a super-lightweight design, and the result is the ideal high-performance light. KC includes a fully assembled wiring harness to make installation simple, plus an LED switch for controlling your lights. The multi-adjusting base makes mounting and aiming virtually anywhere a breeze. KC also includes a 23-year warranty with your set of Rally 800 Lights.
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KC HiLites KC Steel Rock Shields

KC Steel Rock Shields. When you can't have the Man of Steel guard your super KC HiLites, turn to the Guards of Steel: KC Steel Rock Shields. Their woven steel mesh protection lets the light shine through while standing in the way of speeding debris and hurled stones. Behind this network of steadfast steel wire, your lamps can rest easy. KC makes Steel Rock Shields in a 6" size to fit their most popular lamps: KC Daylighter Shock-Mounted Lights. In just seconds, Steel Rock Shields fit over the glass, providing a guard that can stay on the lamps whether powered on or switched off. A rich chrome finish that matches polished Daylighters or accents black housings completes the sweet look. KC Steel Rock Shields are offered in pairs—perfect for protecting your system or bank of overhead lights. And, KC stands behind your Steel Rock Shields with the same strong 23-year warranty.  

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