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Corsa Performance Exhaust Systems

Truck Accessory Site is your source for aftermarket exhaust systems. We have been selling performance accessories for cars, trucks, and SUV's since 1999. Corsa performance exhaust systems offer a mean V8 sound and bulk up your horsepower and torque. A Corsa exhaust will even help reduce your gas mileage. With gas prices as high as they are today, that fact makes for a great excuse to purchase a Corsa exhaust. We offer fast free shipping on all of our Corsa exhaust systems daily. Being a authorized dealer of Corsa, Truck Accessory Site can give you the best deals as well. We are a experience online truck accessory store.
Corsa performance exhaust authorized dealer

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Corsa Performance Exhaust
A performance exhaust with a Corvette performance upbringing is noteworthy enough. But the true feature that makes a Corsa Exhaust stand out: patented Power-Pulse RSC™ technology that eliminates annoying interior resonance. In short: awesome sound at full throttle, and whisper-quiet cruising—no matter what you drive. Corsa Exhaust makes full throttle an experience, too. Not only do you get full V8 tone off the line, you get the thrusting horsepower and torque to match. And, adding a Corsa Exhaust can even chip in to help your gas mileage. Power, sound and mileage without the resonance—only a Corsa Exhaust can deliver this performance package. On top of Corsa’s revolutionary performance, each Corsa Exhaust is packed with quality. That’s because all pipes are mandrel bent from 100% stainless steel and custom designed for an easy fit. And, Corsa stands behind your Corsa Exhaust with a Lifetime Warranty.
At Truck Accessory Site we know more than just the part numbers we sell, we know the parts as well. We try to educate our customers as much as we can so they can make a smart buy that they will be satisfied with for as long as the own their auto. Take a few seconds to read these key features on Corsa performance exhaust systems:
  • Your Corsa Exhaust is covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • 50-state street legal for smog
  • Crafted with pride in the USA
  • Custom exhaust tips and even performance X-pipes available for many Corsa Exhausts
  • Corsa Exhausts are designed to install at home with common tools; hardware and detailed instructions included
  • Thorough testing and design ensures each Corsa Exhaust is a pure custom system
  • Crafted from 100% stainless steel tubing for corrosion resistance and unbeatable quality (T304, 304L or military-grade 321L)
  • Corsa Exhausts are mandrel-bent for restriction-free flow, reducing back pressure and upping gas mileage
  • Specialized channels in a Corsa Exhaust muffler use reflective technology to cancel "bad" resonance sound while letting the sweet tone of V8 power flow through
  • Corsa Exhausts deliver hefty horsepower gains thanks to muffler chambers with no restrictions or power-robbing packing material
  • Cancels unwanted "droning" interior resonance at cruising speeds, thanks to Corsa's patented aerospace-grade Power-Pulse RSCT muffler technology
  • Corsa Exhausts are founded on a combination no other exhaust can deliver: total resonance cancellation, exhilarating horsepower gains, true performance sound and improved fuel economy
About Corsa Performance the company:
Corsa Performance is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Berea, Ohio, that specializes in high performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the marine and automotive aftermarket. Corsa's founder and president, Jim Browning, spent more than 17 years working for high performance automotive industry giant Mr. Gasket in various capacities, including vice president of research and development, before starting Corsa Performance in 1989.

Since that time Corsa has become a leader in performance marine exhaust systems, supplying more than 60 OEM boat manufacturers and more than 1,000 boat dealers worldwide. Corsa manufacturers a wide range of products, including diverter valves, muffler systems, exhaust tips and silencers that are designed and tested to meet noise restrictions in all states.

Leading Edge Manufacturing

Corsa has incorporated the use of hydroforming (or bulge forming) equipment in its manufacturing process. Bulge forming is a revolutionary, leading edge manufacturing process that uses extreme fluid pressure to expand metal into shapes that otherwise would have been unobtainable using conventional manufacturing methods.

In fact, Corsa is the only manufacturer in the marine industry and automotive aftermarket to have in-house hydroforming capabilities. A good example of what can be accomplished with hydroforming is the new generation C5 Corvette steel frame rails. Hyrdoforming provides increased strength, greater part dimensional precision, and reduces over-all vehicle weight.

Automotive Aftermarket Innovation

Corsa has recently turned its attention to the high performance automotive market. Focusing on the application of new technology, Corsa is now employing reactive sound cancellation technology in its new line of performance automotive mufflers.

While many manufacturers have experimented with electronic noise cancellation for automobiles, Corsa has successfully achieved Reflective Sound-Cancellation (RSC)-a non-electrical noise control system without the complication of incorporating the use of electronics or speakers. Essentially, engine sound (pressure) waves are reflected in passages inside the muffler to cancel out unwanted sound waves. The result is a tuned muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle. Corsa's stainless steel Power-Pulse mufflers are tuned to each vehicle to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and to produce just the right sound. By virtue of Corsa's Power-Pulse design, packing materials that can deteriorate over time are not needed to reduce noise, providing a totally un-restricted exhaust flow for maximum power output.

Corsa Application List
Vehicle Make and Model Year Part #
Cadillac CTS Corsa Performance Exhaust 2003-2006 14152
Cadillac DeVille Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2005 14151
Cadillac DTS Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2005 14151
Cadillac Escalade Corsa Performance Exhaust 2002-2007 14220
Cadillac SeVille Corsa Performance Exhaust 1999-2004 14150
Cadillac SRX Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2007 14158
Cadillac STS Corsa Performance Exhaust 1999-2007 14150
Cadillac XLR Corsa Performance Exhaust 2004-2007 14156
Chevy Avalanche Corsa Performance Exhaust 2002-2007 14250
Chevy Camaro Corsa Performance Exhaust 1993-2002 14146
Chevy Cobalt Corsa Performance Exhaust 2006-2007 14125
Chevy Corvette Corsa Performance Exhaust 1986-2007 14115
Chevy Impala Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2005 14183
Chevy Monte Carlo Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2005 14181
Chevy Silverado Corsa Performance Exhaust 1999-2007 14273
Chevy SSR Corsa Performance Exhaust 2004-2006 14254
Chevy Suburban Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2006 14235
Chevy Tahoe Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2007 14230
Chrysler 300 Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2007 14177
Dodge Charger Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2007 14178
Dodge Durango Corsa Performance Exhaust 2004-2005 14407
Dodge Magnum Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2007 14177
Dodge Neon Corsa Performance Exhaust 2003-2006 14430
Dodge Ram Corsa Performance Exhaust 2003-2006 15412
Dodge Viper Corsa Performance Exhaust 1996-2006 14122
Ford F150 Corsa Performance Exhaust 1999-2007 14340
Ford F250 Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2006 15301
Ford F350 Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2006 15301
Ford Mustang Corsa Performance Exhaust 2005-2007 14311
GMC Sierra Corsa Performance Exhaust 1999-2007 14273
GMC Yukon Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2007 14230
GMC Yukon Denali Corsa Performance Exhaust 2001-2007 14220
GMC Yukon XL Corsa Performance Exhaust 2000-2006 14235
GMC Yukon XL Denali Corsa Performance Exhaust 2001-2006 14222
Hummer H2 Corsa Performance Exhaust 2003-2006 14218
Hummer H3 Corsa Performance Exhaust 2006-2007 14212
Pontiac Firebird Corsa Performance Exhaust 1993-2002 14144
Pontiac Grand Prix Corsa Performance Exhaust 1997-2005 14184
Pontiac GTO Corsa Performance Exhaust 2004-2006 14186
Pontiac Trans Am Corsa Performance Exhaust 1993-2002 14144

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