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Brembo Turismo Brake Kit Systems

Truck Accessory Site is your online resource for performance products. Being a authorized dealer of Brembo brake systems says allot about the fact you can buy with confidence from Truck Accessory Site. Brembo is arguably the best braking performance money can buy. Literally hundreds of race teams and supercar builders around the world choose Brembo without regret. Brembo brakes makes a line of high-performance braking parts for people like us, who know that part of making a car fast is making it stop well too. Brembo brake rotors are available in several different materials, including carbon fiber and ceramic, as well as cast iron, and Brembo rotors can be specified in cross-drilled and slotted configurations for maximum cooling. A full set of Brembo brakes, with Brembo rotors and calipers, will bring you into the high-end of braking, and once you've felt Brembo brakes, you won't want to go back to stock. For a full line of Brembo brakes and Brembo brake parts, you've come to the right place. We have Brembo brakes available for many different applications, and when you order your Brembo brakes from us, you can be confident you've gotten the absolute best pricing. So point, click, and stop...with new Brembo brakes.
Brembo authorized dealer
We are a authorized dealer of Brembo brake systems, shop with confidence.

more information or buy

more information or buy
Brembo Turismo Brake Kit Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake Kit
Maximum stopping power for large wheels and tires without having to replace the stock caliper: that’s the design behind every Brembo Turismo Brake System. Your vehicle gets the world-renowned braking bite of Brembo, without install hassles or extra cost. Brembo’s Turismo Brake System maximizes your braking power with top-end “floating” discs, performance pads, braided brake lines and quality hardware. But it doesn’t stop there—Brembo Turismo Brake Systems then relocate stock calipers to a high torque position on the disc. Also ramping-up stopping power is Brembo Brakes’ high-quality cross-drilled design. This keeps the performance pad surface fresh every time you press the pedal. Plus, Brembo’s vented discs keeps heat stress low, preserving part life and enhancing pedal firmness. Installation requires care, and approximately 2-3 hours time for all four wheels. All necessary hardware is included. And, your Brembo Brakes are fully covered against defect. From the competition-hardened tracks of European racing hotbeds to street performance vehicles throughout the globe, nobody surpasses Brembo’s engineering excellence. The mere sight of a Brembo Brakes caliper between chrome spokes translates to a world-class level of stopping power and status.The Brembo Gran Turismo Drilled Brake System is built for bite at any speed. Brembo’s piston-powered calipers bring maximum force. The included aggressive pads are constantly refreshed by the stunning drilled discs for consistent performance. Yet, heat gasses are simultaneously vacuumed away with a directional vented design and floating disc setup. Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems are made lightweight for true racing use. All discs, pads, braided metal brake lines, top-end hardware and your choice of 4 caliper colors are included. It’s a stunning combination of style, performance and quality.

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Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Kit  
Some of the world’s finest works of art hail from Italy. From the Sistine Chapel to stunning automotive masterpieces like Ferrari and Lamborghini, a symphony of creativity, ingenuity and passion weaves through every artistic triumph. Born in Bergamo, Italy, Brembo Brakes create masterpieces of their own. In fact, Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Systems exemplify automotive artwork, and are known worldwide to be the finest brake system available. Precision stopping performance in road and track alike stem from piston-powered calipers, “floating” slotted rotors, top shelf pads, stainless steel brake lines and engineering that works like new stop after stop. Brembo Gran Turismo Slotted Brake Systems’ fine construction also subdue heat. Each is properly vented to reduce stress, boosting the life of brake parts, and enhancing the pedal feel of Brembo Brakes. A feel that is widely considered a masterpiece.  
About Brembo the company below:
Established in Bergamo, Italy, in 1961, Brembo is lauded as the worldwide leader in brake system technology. Brembo provides both original equipment and aftermarket equipment for sports cars and larger vehicles alike. In fact, Brembo brake components come standard on many fine performance vehicles produced in the US and Europe.

Brembo currently operates in 3 continents with production plants in 9 countries; their commercial sites are based also in Sweden, France, and the USA. Brembo products are sold in 80 countries around the world. Their US headquarters resides in Costa Mesa, California.

At present, Brembo employees more than 4000 people worldwide. Ten percent of Brembo's workforce is devoted to engineering and product specialists working in research and development. Their goal is to continue Brembo's innovations in brake system technology, and preserve Brembo's dominance as the worldwide leader.


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